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    Attention should be paid to the cooling of vegetables in summer

    In the summer, when it comes to a high temperature climate, even in the case of a sunshade and a large opening, the temperature in the shed is still difficult to fall, and some vegetable farmers think of cooling water. Speaking, sprinkling cooling effect is really good, but in the process of operation, some matters must pay attention to. In production, there are many cases of adverse effects caused by sprinkling and cooling each year. Light will form plant growth, flower and fruit drop. When severe, vegetable root will be injured and even wilted. Then, what problems do you need to pay attention to in summer?

    First, don't sprinkle the water at noon. Some farmers think that noon is the highest temperature in a day. At the moment, the water is just cooling the vegetables. In fact, the sprinkling of water at noon is very simple, which causes the root of vegetables to stimulate the appearance of roots after cold water stimulation, and then form a significant reduction in vegetable production. Therefore, sprinkler should be selected before 10 in the morning, not only to achieve cooling effect, but also to damage the root system of vegetables.

    Secondly, the amount of water can not be too large. Many vegetable farmers think that the water transpiration of the summer is fast, and the flood and flood irrigation does not matter, so these vegetable farmers often take the big ditch and small ditch to pour it together in the summer, and each time they fill the big and thin furrows full. However, this idea and practice is wrong. Too large the amount of sprinkler in summer, it will also form vegetable retting root, especially in the less viscous and breathable sheds in the soil, often forming a large amount of vegetable retting root, and then greatly reducing production. Therefore, even in summer, the amount of water can not be too large. In order to prevent water shortage on the side of the main ditch, it is better to alternate the big ditch and the small ditch.

    It is more important to avoid the special growth period of vegetables. For a long time, vegetables are not suitable for watering, especially for flood. If the flowering period of kidney bean, sprinkling water will often form kidney bean drop flower and drop pods; and when the watermelon is ripe, sprinkling is easy to form split melon. Therefore, the summer vegetable farmers must pay attention to this special period to avoid the bad effects and lose.


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